Saturday, March 16, 2013

First Ski Race


It's coming to the end of our first ski season here and the kids have completely amazed me with how quickly they have picked it up. Today the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge was at Bolton Valley where we have been skiing all season. They set up a slalom course that anyone could have a go at, and medals were awarded for the top 3 times in each age/gender category.

Here are the kids waiting to start, the drop from the gate seemed scary to me, but they weren't fazed!


A blurry one of them at the first gates:

They both made it to the finish without incident...

...and both of them came away with a medal!

In case you're wondering P also had a go and he came away with are respectable 6th for his age group. Maybe next year I'll be a little braver and try it too!

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